Custom Mouthguard Design Ideas July 08 2013

Fourth of July, Captain America Mouthguard


Those of you who follow Team Captain on twitter (@koreygross) have seen a lot of these designs through tweets.  We thought it would be a good idea to post up some of the renderings we have done for a few followers to show you what your Megalodon Sports Mouthguards can look like.  The possibilities are endless. Enjoy.


Showcasing a Prep School's Logo 



High School Logo


Sometimes You Just Want to Match The Number On Your Jersey


Another High School With a Pretty Bad Ass Logo


This One Has A Conceptual Mouthguard Color Change


ROHO!  Don't Know What it Means But It Looks Awesome


If you'd like to see what you're mouthguard would look like in fully rendered glory, email or tweet @koreygross.



Team Captain